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I really hate the idea of writing a review that doesn't offer anything insightful a year after the Flash's being submitted, but I just wanted to say that this was some really, really good work. That much could be said of any SMBZ episode really, but you introduced my favourite characters into this one, so this is the one I'll choose to express my approval.
The fight scenes are impeccable and work seamlessly. Each character seems really true to their roots, too; you've done an excellent job of capturing the feel and dialogue they use.

I look forward to going onto the next episode (and possibly reviewing a newer one than this), and hope that my favourite characters continue to strut their stuff! Congrats!!

Another good'un

Congrats on another quality effort! For some reason I found the spring stuff funniest. Heh.
Shows why you're my favourite flash artist!! ...Yeah, that'd prolly mean more if I were someone important... lol

Yoshi-1up responds:

Yoshi does care T_T <3


It's definite...

Alright, I now know for sure, you have an obsession for singing Luigi. :P

Another class effort. Though it lacked the 'what the' effect of Mario's 5th Element, it was certainly littered with good bits of humour. There is something seriously wrong with those smiling clouds...
Great use of the sounds from the game. I was unfamiliar with Luigi groaning in Outtake 2 at the end, however. Which game was it from?

It was a tad short, given, but I look forward to knowing what the fiendish Mario did in fact do.

...And yes, Luigi singing Prince will haunt me in my sleep.

Yoshi-1up responds:

When luigi was crying it was from "Mario and Luigi Super Saga" hehe.

And it's short cuz its a Mario short XD.

And sorry bout Luigi singing. Mario caught him, and that's why Luigi cheesed-it. :X

Once again...

I dunno what it is, exactly, but this has become my favourite of the Decline series. Maybe it's the action figures. Heh.

Another class effort, this one deserves that #1 spot. I look forward to the third, and just thought I'd mention, these movies always have kickass credits music, and top-notch voice acting. Those are the highlights for me!

Yaaay Koopa!

That was pretty sweet!
Luigi singing was obviously quite... unique. For me though, the highlight is the fact that finally, Koopa Troopa gets a good role. Poor neglected fella.

Keep up the fine work, my good friend!

Yoshi-1up responds:

Ya, I try to be original with these sprites >.< Try to make something noone ever seen before! Glad you enjoyed it :D!


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